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Monday 24th October 2016 Update of SourceGuardian - version 11.0.6

- Fixed __DIR__ and __FILE__ constants that were statically compiled when used in initialization expressions in PHP5.6. If you get issues with using __DIR__ or __FILE__ in your PHP 5.6 code, re-encode the files and install the updated loaders.

- Fixed PHP_OS and some other constants were statically compiled for PHP7. If you get issues with using PHP_OS or other constants in your PHP7 code, re-encode your files.

- We updated how empty files are processed. Now empty files are copied to the target folder if it's specified. Empty files are skipped from processing if the target folder is not specified. In either case empty files are not counted as errors anymore. The encoding log will still indicate empty files with [11] code.

- We added the --verbose option to the command line encoder. Options are 0-quiet, 1-print only errors in the log, 2-print standard log. 2 is default. You may also add this option to "Additional Command Line Options" in "Advanced settings" if you want to change the encoding log when using GUI.

- The GUI license generator must correctly handle http:// network paths to the license. In that case the license is created in the target folder under the specified URL path, the http:// and domain name are filtered to build a correct local path to the license.

- Updated loaders for PHP 5.6 and PHP7

- We updated loaders for ARMhf (Raspberry Pi and other boards) and ARMel platforms. Please download new loaders from our web site

We recommend that you update the encoder and re-encode your files if you are encoding for PHP 5.6 or PHP7. Please also update the loaders.


Posted on October 24th 2016 at 06:11am by Alex
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Thursday 07th July 2016 Bugfix version 11.0.1 released

 If you are using version 11 for PHP7 encoding, please update the encoder and re-encode you files. Automatic update must work and update it up to version 11.0.1. Also please download recent loaders for PHP7 version 11.0.3 from http://sourceguardian.com/loaders/
- Issue with __DIR__ and __FILE__ concatenation fixed for PHP7
- Issue with sg_get_const() etc loader API functions running on 64-bit platforms fixed
- Issue with encoder hangs on $_SERVER variable on WIndows fixed
Updating the encoder and loaders is very recommended.

Posted on July 07th 2016 at 11:32pm by Alex
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Monday 04th July 2016 SourceGuardian 11 launched!

We are proud to present SourceGuardian 11 - the most advanced PHP Encoder on the market, complete with a powerful GUI and protection covering the latest versions of PHP including PHP 7.0. You can encode your scripts using Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, all with a powerful GUI or using a command line interface.
Try the 14 days free trial and purchase the full version.
Protected files may run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, embedded Linux ARM and more. For a full list of supported platforms check our loader page
Version 11 introduces encoding for PHP 7.0 and some new options. As usual this update is partly based on comments and suggestions of our users. We were glad to receive comments and suggestions and want to thank you very much for sharing your ideas! We are looking forward to hearing about other suggestions for improving SourceGuardian. Here is a list of recent version 11 changes.


· Full support of PHP 7.0 encoding including the latest language options:
scalar type declarations, return type declarations, new operators, anonymous classes and more

Encoding for PHP 7.0 is fully supporting in version 11 of SourceGuardian. PHP 7.0 introduced new language features and updated bytecode format to support them. Files encoded with SourceGuardian 10.x or older need to be re-encoded with SourceGuardian 11 in order to run protected files under PHP 7.0
· New loaders for PHP 7.0, updated loaders for older versions of PHP

We updated loaders and created new ones for PHP 7.0. Loaders for the following operating systems are available:

· Windows 32-bit (VC6, VC9; VC11 PHP 5.5, 5.6; VC14 PHP 7.0)

· Windows 64-bit (VC9 PHP 5.3,5.4; VC11 PHP 5.5,5.6; VC14 PHP7.0)

· MacOSX (universal binaries, include i386, x86_64)

· Linux (i386, x86_64)

Updated loaders  for the following platforms are coming soon:

· Linux ARM (armel)

· Linux ARM (armhf) including Raspberry Pi

· FreeBSD (i386, x86_64)

We are happy to work with our customers if they need bespoke loaders for other custom operating system. Please contact support@sourceguardian.com if you are interested.

· We removed the @SourceGuardian tag from all the encoded files excepting files encoded with "conjunction" option.

·  Locking to a domain automatically enables www. subdomain and you do not need to specify the www. subdomain on the locking page.

·  The command line tools now return expected exit codes. The encoder returns encoding status after processing a single file. When it is processing multiple files it returns zero in case of running the process and if there are no issues in using the command line options and then you need to check the encoding log for further details. Licgen returns exit code on invalid options or status of the license generation. Sginfo returns exit code on invalid options or status of the encoded file. Please find further details in the user manual. 

·  A built-in file information tool or its command line equivalent now returns estimated memory usage for running the encoded file. This does not include any additional memory requirements of your code. Estimated memory usage also differs for versions of PHP as lengths of bytecode may vary 

·  A new sg_loader_version() function returns version of the loader. As well as any other loader functions it's available only when the loader is loaded into PHP, i.e. you may use it from your protected files or if the loader is installed to extension_dir and php.ini. 


Posted on July 04th 2016 at 03:33pm by Alex
Labels: 11, php7
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