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Thursday 27th September 2018 Loaders for ARM updated for PHP 7.2 support

We have updated loaders for ARM up to version 11.2 which includes full PHP 7.2 support. New loaders are available from our loaders page.

Posted on September 27th 2018 at 07:38pm by Alex
Labels: 7.2, arm

Tuesday 08th May 2018 Vietnamese Review of SourceGuardian 11.2

We have been reviewed by Taimienphi, a Vietnamese site which has given SourceGuardian five stars.
You can see the review here:
Taimienphi Review of SourceGuardian 11.2

Posted on May 08th 2018 at 03:27pm

Thursday 22nd March 2018 SourceGuardian 11.2 launched with full PHP 7.2 support

Version 11.2 introduces encoding full support for PHP 7.2 including new loaders and fixes for PHP 7.1 and other new features. Please find a full change log in the updated user manual
· Full support of PHP 7.2 encoding including all the latest language options: converting numeric keys in object/array casts, counting of non-countable objects, object typehint, abstract method overriding, new optimized opcodes and more.
· New loaders for PHP 7.2, updated loaders for older versions of PHP which you may download here.
· We fixed issues with unexpected segfaults on 7.1 and some other problems. If you experienced issues like that with your code, please re-encode with the latest version 11.2 of SourceGuardian and install the recent loaders
· Updates for the command line encoder. Find more in the updated user manual.

Posted on March 22nd 2018 at 11:11am by Alex
Labels: 11.2, 7.2

Monday 27th November 2017 Loaders for ARMhf (Raspberry etc) and ARMel updated

We updated loaders for these platforms up to the recent version 11.1.5. If you deploy your protected code to ARM, we recommend that you update the loaders. Note, new loaders require using of the recent version of SourceGuardian as usual. Make sure your support subscription is up to date and renew in the user profile if necesary.
You may find the recent loaders on the loaders page

Posted on November 27th 2017 at 05:03pm by Alex
Labels: arm

Monday 27th November 2017 SourceGuardian 11.1.5 update released

This is a bugfix release. The update is recommended for all the users. 
We fixed functions and classes re-decralarion issue with PHP7+, old loaders did not report errors on duplicate functions or classes and that was causing issues e.g. with autoloading if such a function was registered as autoloader. 
Fixed "max execution time exceeded" issue with the encoder when encoding a way long files tree.

Posted on November 27th 2017 at 04:55pm by Alex

Sunday 29th October 2017 SourceGuardian 11.1.4 update released

We released an update version 11.1.4. It includes updates for PHP 5.6 and PHP7+ encoding. Fixed PHP7+ issues with static class members and using constants as default function arguments. This solves problems with PHPUnit as they were caused by the above issues. 
Please note, you may need to re-encode your files with that new version of the encoder in order to fix any of the above issues in your encoded code. Also please install the new loaders
The new version is available via automatic update option. The new version is available via automatic update option. If you turned it off, you may run the manual check and update in File/Preferences.
We also updated loaders for Linux ARMel and ARMhf and added support for PHP 7.1 for ARMel.  Please download from our loaders page

Posted on October 29th 2017 at 05:00pm by Alex

Thursday 12th October 2017 Loaders update for Windows, Linux and OSX

Today we updated loaders for OSX, Linux and Windows (main platforms that we support). Loaders for other supported platforms will be updated during the next major update or please contact us and we can update them sooner. 
This update fixes some issues with running encoded files by PHP CLI and partucuralry issues related to PHPUnit testing framework when it's used with encoded files, issues with running encoded files by PHP7+ with opcache enabled. Please feel free to download the recent loaders from our loaders page or if you are not sure how to install loaders or which one to choose, please use our online and free loader assistant
Version of the new loaders is 11.1.4 and you may check it in phpinfo() after updating the loader file and restarting the webserver.
If you are getting any issues with encoded files, we are always happy to run further tests, debug and release a fix as soon as possible. Please bear with us and what really helps is if you can send us a sample code that we can use here and reproduce the problem. We don't need a full source of the project, only a sample that isolates and shows the problem in the encoded and source format. Also let us know the platform and version of the PHP you use for running encoded files, version of the encoder and loader that you use.
Thank you for choosing SourceGuardian
SourceGuardian support and development team

Posted on October 12th 2017 at 08:19pm by Alex

Monday 17th April 2017 New V11.1 loaders updated for FreeBSD and ARMhf (Raspberry Pi etc boards)

We updated loaders for FreeBSD and ARMhf platform boards such as Raspberry Pi. New loaders are fully compatible with the latest version 11.1 of SourceGuardian including full PHP 7.1 support. Please download from our loaders page.

Posted on April 17th 2017 at 09:19pm by Alex

Monday 10th April 2017 SourceGuardian 11.1 launched! (a minor version number but big updates)

Version 11.1 introduces encoding for PHP 7.1, updated GUI and other new options. Although it look s like a minor update, in fact it's bigger than usual. We did serious work on refining GUI and adding some new and useful options to the command line version. As usual this update is partly based on comments and suggestions of our users. We were glad to receive comments and suggestions and want to thank you very much for sharing your ideas! We are looking forward to hearing about other suggestions for improving SourceGuardian. Here is a list of all the version 11.1 changes. There are too many changes for a small blog post. Please find a full change log here
· Full support of PHP 7.1 encoding including all the latest language options: nullable types, void functions, class constants visibility, iterable, multi-catch and more.
· New loaders for PHP 7.1, updated loaders for older versions of PHP. Download here
· We fixed some issues with running encoded code on PHP 5.6 and 7.0 

GUI updates

· We fully reworked the files and folders selection dialog.
· We fully reworked files and folders highlighting in the project tree. 
· The project is automatically checked for new and deleted files every time you open the project. This may be turned off/on in Preferences.
· We added a new "Copy unencoded" filter section to Preferences. These filters are checked before any further processing but after the exclusion filters. So, files that match any of "copy unencoded" file masks will be copied to the target folder as-is without encoding. 
· We added tooltips to the main project window, advanced settings and some features on the lock screen to help our new users.
· You may automatically release the current SourceGuardian license directly from the application.  This makes it possible to easier reinstall your copy of SourceGuardian if you need without asking us for the license reset.
· New GUI for SourceGuardian for Mac. 
Read more news about GUI here

Command line encoder updates

· We added automatic registration for command line tools. 
· The command line tools now may be started with GUI license. It's not necessary to specify a path to the GUI encode.lic license file anymore using the -L option. The GUI license will be automatically found if you are starting the command line tools included to GUI installation. 
· The license may be released automatically from for the command line tools as well as from GUI. This makes it possible to easier reinstall your copy of SourceGuardian if you need without asking us for the license reset.
· We added a new -c (--copy) filter option in additon to -f (--file), -t (--template) and -x (--exclude). The new -c (--copy) option may be used to specify the files that will be copied as-is without encoding to the target folder. 
· We updated recursive directory search. 
· Optional directory trimming level may be specified with -r{n} 
Read more news about the command line encoder here

Posted on April 10th 2017 at 10:55pm by Alex
Labels: gui, php 7.1

Wednesday 18th January 2017 Speed test of different versions of PHP

 During the process of building encoders and loaders we at SourceGuardian run a simple test for all the new loaders to quickly check if there are any issues before entering the thorough testing phase especially for new versions. We run the same PHP code both in source and encoded for different versions of PHP and calculate the execution time just for fun. This produces interesting results in fact. The code itself does not matter, it's a rough Pi approximation and you may find it below. For that test we changed the number of iterations up to 10 000 000 to increase the overall execution time and minimize time calculation error. Actual time does not really matter as well as the machine that runs the code, but you can see the obvious difference between versions of PHP! Have fun trying it yourself if you wish!
The code:
function microtime_float()
    list($usec, $sec) = explode(" ", microtime());
    return ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);
$t = microtime_float();
$pi = 4; $top = 4; $bot = 3; $minus = TRUE;
$accuracy = 10000000;
for($i = 0; $i < $accuracy; $i++)
  $pi += ( $minus ? -($top/$bot) : ($top/$bot) );
  $minus = ( $minus ? FALSE : TRUE);
  $bot += 2;
print "Pi ~=: " . $pi . "\n";
$t2 = microtime_float();
print ($t2-$t)."\n";

(we know about the optional argument of microtime() but unfortunately old PHP 1.8.x etc does not!)
Happy coding!
Best Regards,

Posted on January 18th 2017 at 03:08pm
Labels: php speed
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