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Update of SourceGuardian - version 11.0.6
Posted on October 24th 2016 at 06:11am by
- Fixed __DIR__ and __FILE__ constants that were statically compiled when used in initialization expressions in PHP5.6. If you get issues with using __DIR__ or __FILE__ in your PHP 5.6 code, re-encode the files and install the updated loaders.

- Fixed PHP_OS and some other constants were statically compiled for PHP7. If you get issues with using PHP_OS or other constants in your PHP7 code, re-encode your files.

- We updated how empty files are processed. Now empty files are copied to the target folder if it's specified. Empty files are skipped from processing if the target folder is not specified. In either case empty files are not counted as errors anymore. The encoding log will still indicate empty files with [11] code.

- We added the --verbose option to the command line encoder. Options are 0-quiet, 1-print only errors in the log, 2-print standard log. 2 is default. You may also add this option to "Additional Command Line Options" in "Advanced settings" if you want to change the encoding log when using GUI.

- The GUI license generator must correctly handle http:// network paths to the license. In that case the license is created in the target folder under the specified URL path, the http:// and domain name are filtered to build a correct local path to the license.

- Updated loaders for PHP 5.6 and PHP7

- We updated loaders for ARMhf (Raspberry Pi and other boards) and ARMel platforms. Please download new loaders from our web site

We recommend that you update the encoder and re-encode your files if you are encoding for PHP 5.6 or PHP7. Please also update the loaders.


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