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Thursday 11th September 2014 Loaders updated up to version 10.1.3

If you are using version 10 of SourceGuardian, please update your loaders. The following issues were fixed in the version 10.1.3 of loaders:
- try/catch issues on PHP 5.0.x-5.2.x (there were no issues for newer versions of PHP). Fixed.
- customer session handler that extends standard SessionHandler class was causing the encoded php scripts to fail on exit (on session write & close). Fixed.
Loaders were updated for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
We also updated loaders for embedded Linux solutions running on ARM:
- Linux ARMel platform
- Linux ARMhf platform including RaspberryPi, BeagleBoard, CubieBoard and more 
And finally we updated loaders for HP-UX IA64:
- HP-UX Itanium (IA64) 32-bit
- HP-UX Itanium (IA64) 64-bit
Support of SourceGuardian 10 and PHP 5.6 were added.
Please download updated loaders from our loaders page.

Posted on September 11th 2014 at 11:58am by Alex
Labels: 10, 10.1.3, arm, hp-ux, hpux

Friday 01st March 2013 Loaders for HP-UX IA-64

We have added support for running SourceGuardian encoded files on HP-UX IA-64 platform. Please download new loaders from our web site or click here to use our online  loader assistant to know the loader you need for your system and how to install it. 

Posted on March 01st 2013 at 10:00am by Alexander
Labels: hp-ux, ia-64
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