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Thursday 19th March 2015 Loaders updated to fix issues with Laravel and traits.

Today we updated loaders for OSX, Linux and Windows (main platforms that we support). Loaders for other supported platforms will be updated during the next major update or please contact us and we can update them sooner. 
This update fixes some issues with traits in PHP 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 and as a result it fixes issues with Laravel 5 encoded files. As for Laravel, you may encode all the *.php files in the app, config, database etc folders. It's no reason to encode any vendor files as they are open source. Also do NOT encode resources and particularly views as they are not pure PHP regardless then have *.php file extensions too. 
If you are not sure how to install loaders or which one to choose, please use our online and free loader assistant

Posted on March 19th 2015 at 07:59pm by Alex
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Tuesday 01st July 2014 SourceGuardian 10 launched

We are proud to present SourceGuardian 10 - the most advanced PHP Encoder on the market, complete with a powerful GUI and protection covering the latest versions of PHP including PHP 5.6. You can encode your scripts using Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, all with a powerful GUI or using a command line interface.
Try the 14 days free trial and purchase the full version.
Protected files may run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, embedded Linux ARM and more. For a full list of supported platforms check our loader page
Version 10 introduces improved code protection methods as well as encoding for PHP 5.6 and some new options. As usual this update is partly based on comments and suggestions of our users. We were glad to receive comments and suggestions and want to thank you very much for sharing your ideas! We are looking forward to hearing about other suggestions for improving SourceGuardian. Here is a list of recent version 10 changes.


· Improved code protection methods

· Full support of PHP 5.6 encoding including the latest language options: constant scalar expressions,
variadic functions operator, updated use operator and more

Encoding for PHP 5.6 is fully supporting in version 10 of SourceGuardian. PHP 5.6 introduced new language features and updated bytecode format to support them. Files encoded with SourceGuardian 8, 9.x or older will need to be re-encoded with SourceGuardian 10 in order to run them under PHP 5.6

· New loaders for PHP 5.6, updated loaders for older versions of PHP
We updated loaders and created new ones for PHP 5.6. Loaders for the following operating systems are

· Windows 32-bit (VC6, VC9; VC11 PHP 5.5, 5.6)

· Windows 64-bit (VC9 PHP 5.3,5.4; VC11 PHP 5.5,5.6)

· MacOSX (universal binaries, include i386, x86_64)

· Linux (i386, x86_64)

· FreeBSD (i386, x86_64)

We update the following loaders on request. Please check our blog and the loaders page for new versions 

· OpenBSD (i386, x86_64) 

· IBM PowerLinux

· HP-UX Itanium

· Linux ARM (armel)

· Linux ARM (armhf) including Raspberry Pi

We are happy to work with our customers if they need bespoke loaders for other custom operating system. Please contact support@sourceguardian.com if you are interested.

·  A closing PHP tag is not added anymore to the end of encoded files. It's not needed, Zend recommends to not use it. Omitting the closing tag 'automatically' protects against 'headers already sent' errors if any of the encoded files were accidentally opened/saved in the editor and some characters were added at the end. Omitting the closing tag does not affect execution of protected files.

·  SG_LIC_PATH environment variable may be used to specify where the loader should search for a license file.

·  PHP short tags <? ?> are enabled by default. If you do not need them enabled for any reason, you may turn them off in advanced settings in GUI or by using the new --no-short-tags option in the command line. The old --short-tags option has been removed.

·  License generation fixed in GUI when a URL is specified as a license file name.

·  Fixed how encoding only of changed files works in GUI.

·  A new 'Refresh' button added to the GUI for updating the project tree. It is useful if any of the files were changed or added to the folders behind the encoder GUI. Also automatic refresh happens when you encode only files updated since the last encoding.

·  A new --keep-file-date command line option added to keep the modification date for encoded files the same as the modification date of source files. The same option is available in GUI in Advanced settings


Posted on July 01st 2014 at 11:28am by Alex
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