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Bugfix PHP 8.1 SourceGuardian 13.0.3
Posted on March 24th 2022 at 12:19pm by
This is a bugfix update. It includes:
- PHP 8.1 fixed issues with with inherited static properties (both encoder and loader)
- PHP 8.1 fixed random encoding issues
- Laravel + PHP8.1 was affected and now works
Loaders and encoder for Linux, Mac and Windows updated for PHP 8.1. If you encode for this version of PHP, please upgrade and re-encode your files; install new loaders.
Other versions of PHP were not affected.
An important note from the previous version update.
Linux shared libraries dependencies minimized:
- Linux CLI encoder and tools include custom libcurl and do not depend on the system one
- Linux CLI encoder min GLIBC version is 2.17 (except PHP 5.3 encoder, was 2.27 for all). It means the CLI encoder may run on older Linux systems like CentOS 7 and many others. Automatic registration is available for the CLI version on the first run of the CLI 'sourceguardian' executable. Note: PHP 5.3 encoder still depends on GLIBC 2.27, but you may exclude encoding for it with --phpversion 5.4+ command line option or change to a higher version.
- Linux GUI still requires newer Linux with GLIBC 2.27+ It's built on Debian 10 and tested on Debian 10 and Ubuntu with Gnome and Cinnamon desktop IDE. If you use another Linux, GUI may work if all the shared libraries dependencies are resolved. In case GUI does not work, you may use the CLI version on Linux.  
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