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SourceGuardian 11.1.4 update released
Posted on October 29th 2017 at 05:00pm by
We released an update version 11.1.4. It includes updates for PHP 5.6 and PHP7+ encoding. Fixed PHP7+ issues with static class members and using constants as default function arguments. This solves problems with PHPUnit as they were caused by the above issues. 
Please note, you may need to re-encode your files with that new version of the encoder in order to fix any of the above issues in your encoded code. Also please install the new loaders
The new version is available via automatic update option. The new version is available via automatic update option. If you turned it off, you may run the manual check and update in File/Preferences.
We also updated loaders for Linux ARMel and ARMhf and added support for PHP 7.1 for ARMel.  Please download from our loaders page
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