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Loaders update for Windows, Linux and OSX
Posted on October 12th 2017 at 08:19pm by
Today we updated loaders for OSX, Linux and Windows (main platforms that we support). Loaders for other supported platforms will be updated during the next major update or please contact us and we can update them sooner. 
This update fixes some issues with running encoded files by PHP CLI and particularly issues related to PHPUnit testing framework when it's used with encoded files, issues with running encoded files by PHP7+ with opcache enabled. Please feel free to download the recent loaders from our loaders page or if you are not sure how to install loaders or which one to choose, please use our online and free loader assistant
Version of the new loaders is 11.1.4 and you may check it in phpinfo() after updating the loader file and restarting the webserver.
If you are getting any issues with encoded files, we are always happy to run further tests, debug and release a fix as soon as possible. Please bear with us and what really helps is if you can send us a sample code that we can use here and reproduce the problem. We don't need a full source of the project, only a sample that isolates and shows the problem in the encoded and source format. Also let us know the platform and version of the PHP you use for running encoded files, version of the encoder and loader that you use.
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