Snowdonia IT - Case Study

Snowdonia IT - Case Study

Snowdonia IT is a North Wales based company that specialises in web application design, providing custom web applications and offering e-commerce solutions which can be customised to meet the needs of individual customers.

Snowdonia IT - Case Study
The company's online Absence and Leave Manager system is installed on site for customers who would like to keep all their personnel details inside their company. It would be easy for clients to take the code and modify it because PHP is usually distributed in plain text. Snowdonia wanted to ensure the client is always using their original code, and cannot redistribute it.

Having already built their own license manager in to the system, Snowdonia chose to use SourceGuardian to encrypt the source code, and protect their intellectual property. They plan to use SourceGuardian for all future projects where software is installed on-site for clients.

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"As I have already said this is the only product on the market able to decode files without extensions installation and it fitted in my dream "Encode Once, Run Everywhere". Another important factor, which makes Source Guardian very attractive, is its price. At 199 USD, the product is a bargain..."
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