RIADVICE and DistanceLearning.cloud - A SourceGuardian Case Study

RIADVICE and DistanceLearning.cloud - A SourceGuardian Case Study

RIADVICE, a trailblazer in software engineering and official commercial support provider for BigBlueButton, collaborates closely with DistanceLearning.cloud to develop ZcaleRight, a state-of-the-art load balancer for BigBlueButton. This partnership aims to elevate online education by ensuring scalable, stable, and secure web conferencing solutions are accessible worldwide

RIADVICE and DistanceLearning.cloud - A SourceGuardian Case Study


The development of ZcaleRight, under the partnership between RIADVICE and DistanceLearning.cloud, was driven by the need to address the critical demand for reliable load balancing in educational platforms globally. The challenge was to protect this proprietary software while enhancing BigBlueButton's scalability and stability without compromising performance.


SourceGuardian was the chosen solution for its robust ability to encode and secure PHP code, crucial for protecting ZcaleRight against unauthorized distribution. This tool was instrumental in preserving the integrity of the software, ensuring that RIADVICE and DistanceLearning.cloud's intellectual property remained secure, and only authorized users could access and deploy ZcaleRight.


The implementation of SourceGuardian has fortified ZcaleRight’s security, preventing potential piracy and unauthorized use. This protection has been pivotal in maintaining system stability across various deployments, reinforcing the global reach of quality education through BigBlueButton. RIADVICE, with DistanceLearning.cloud, has observed enhanced performance and reliability in education-focused load balancing, showcasing their commitment to supporting seamless online learning experiences.

Looking Ahead

The success of ZcaleRight, safeguarded by SourceGuardian, sets a precedent for future projects. RIADVICE, alongside DistanceLearning.cloud, will continue to innovate, prioritizing secure, efficient, and scalable solutions to meet the evolving needs of online education worldwide.

Website: riadvice.tn
Website: distancelearning.cloud/
Website: zcaleright.com

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