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SourceGuardian 12 launched! Full PHP 8 support
Posted on March 08th 2021 at 06:39am by
As you know, PHP 8 is a huge leap for our great language. We are really excited to announce the launch of SourceGuardian 12, with PHP 8 encoding and full support of all the new language features

• Our new fully-supported PHP8 language features include:

- named parameters
- attributes
- union types
- mixed pseudo type
- null-safe operator
- match expressions
- using 'throw' in expressions
- constructor properties and more

• Due to native support for attributes (annotations) in PHP8, PHP frameworks which use annotations must work with encoded files out of the box (since the frameworks are updated accordingly for PHP8)

• New loaders for PHP8

The new version is available now to download on our site.

Please feel free to try it.

Already using  SourceGuardian? Our active users may upgrade from the user profile as usual.

Need to run SourceGuardian encoded files created by someone else? Please use our loader assistant to know the loader you need and how to install it.

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