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SourceGuardian 11.3.2
Posted on September 01st 2019 at 10:21pm by
This is a bugfix release of SourceGuardian 11.3.
- Encoding for PHP 7.3 was updated, particularly issues with closures and 'use' directive were fixed as well as unexpected segfaults when running PHP 7.3 encoded files. Files encoded for PHP 7.3 will require updated loaders! If you encode for PHP 7.3 we recommend that you update your version of the encoder by downloading it from the user profile and installing over the previous version. Also please download and install the new loaders for PHP 7.3.
- Encoding of long int array keys was fixed when using a 64-bit version of the encoder (currently available only for Linux). Files encoded by the 64-bit encoder will use long int keys when run on a 64-bit system. The same files will use long int array keys converted to string keys when run on a 32-bit system. Files encoded by the 32-bit encoder will run exactly as unencoded ones as if they run on a 32-bit system regardless if they are run on a 64-bit or 32-bit system in fact. The update only affects 64-bit version of the encoders and how it handles long int array keys. (Please note, using long int array keys with 32-bit PHP is buggy for *unencoded* files but it now works if encoded with a 64-bit encoder and run as the encoded code). 
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