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Latest SourceGuardian Loaders Now Offer More Freedom to Users of the NOLOH Development Platform

NOLOH is an event driven, lightweight, on-demand, object-orientated web application development platform. The developers at NOLOH have created this platform to allow the fast development of feature-rich sites and web applications with far fewer resources. 

In a recent blog post by NOLOH Co-Founder, Asher Snyder, it was revealed that the latest updates to our SourceGuardian PHP encoder can allow you to run and debug your NOLOH applications in your favourite Integrated Debugging Environment (IDE).

Utilising the latest NOLOH kernal, alongside the latest SourceGuardian loaders you can run or debug NOLOH in your IDE, stepping through your code, using breakpoints, watches and more. 

To find out more about the NOLOH developer platform and what it has to offer and how it can be used alongside SourceGuardian, visit their website atnoloh

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