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Bugfix and GUI update SourceGuardian 12.1
Posted on June 09th 2021 at 10:12pm by

This is a bug fix and GUI update release.

• Fixed constant array lookups for PHP 7.2+ (in_array() for constant arrays).
• Fixed segfaults when ReflectionClass is used in some cases.

If you develop for PHP 7.2+ and experience any problems with your current encoded code, please install the update and re-encode your files.


GUI improvements include:
• Source Path column added to the project window.
• File masks in Preferences if they contain a slash are applied to absolute source paths instead of file names. This lets use masks to filter source folders or select appropriate encoding modes depending on source folders rather than file names.
• Option to show hidden files in Preferences/Interface. If enabled hidden (dot) files are shown in the Add Files popup and may be added to the project.
• New shortcuts for Lock (C+L) and Advanced (C+K).
• Locking options compatibility check for "encrypt-to" options which cannot be used with locking to a license file.
• Options compatibility check in Advanced options.
• Desktop, Documents and Volumes(macOS) shortcuts in Add Files popup.

Version 12.0 GUI encoder may be automatically updated. If you use an older version, please download the update from your user profile. You may need to update your support subscription in order to update. If you get any problems with automatic update, please download the recent version from your user profile and install over the current copy.

Note for Windows version users. Please re-run SourceGuardian 12.0 GUI with administrative permissions in order to perform automatic update.

IMPORTANT: This update includes new loaders for Linux, macOS and Windows for PHP 7.2+ If you deploy your encoded PHP code to platforms other than Linux, macOS or Windows and PHP 7.2+, please wait and do NOT upgrade your copy. We will update loaders for other supported platforms by July 2021.

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