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Using SourceGuardian protected files (prior to 4.0)

Encoded scripts protected by SourceGuardian 2.x for PHP require loaders to run. You can find these loaders below. Loaders for SourceGuardian 4.0 or NEWER can be found here.

Important note regarding PHP 4.4.0 and higher support

As there have been significant changes in the underlying PHP engine in PHP versions 4.4 and 5, we are unable to create new loaders for 2.x versions of SourceGuardian. For SourceGuardian 2.x the last version of PHP we support is 4.3.11.

Our latest product SourceGuardian version has full support of all PHP4, PHP5 and PHP7 versions. We deliberately kept the upgrade price low for people upgrading to SourceGuardian latest version and we have put a significant amount of resource into making SourceGuardian 11+ a powerful encryption product with a lot of new features.

You can upgrade in your user profile

If you are not a direct customer of ours, and are using a product supplied by a company using our products, then please pass this text to them so that they can create a version of their software that you can use.
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Download SourceGuardian 2.x
loaders for Windows

Archive contains:


Download SourceGuardian 2.x
loaders for Linux

Archive contains:

• ixed.lin.4.0.6.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.1.0.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.1.1.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.1.2.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.2.0.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.2.1.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.2.2.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.2.3.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.2.ts.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.0.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.1.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.2.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.3.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.4.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.5.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.6.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.7.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.8.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.9.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.10.pxp
• ixed.lin.4.3.ts.pxp

Download SourceGuardian 2.x
loaders for FreeBSD

Archive contains:

• ixed.fre.4.1.0.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.1.1.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.1.2.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.2.0.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.2.1.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.2.2.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.2.3.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.0.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.1.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.2.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.3.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.4.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.5.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.6.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.7.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.8.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.9.pxp
• ixed.fre.4.3.10.pxp

How to install loaders

Usually you should create folder called "ixed" at the top of your site and extract all loaders to that folder. After that easy operation in the majority of cases encrypted scripts will work.

If they won't you should have access to php.ini and add one line into it:

If you have any troubles in getting SourceGurdian 2.x encoded scripts work we recommend downloading php script which can test your system and say exactly how to install loaders on your system.

If you are using files encoded with SourceGuardian 4.0 or NEWER, please use our online loader assistant to know the loader you need and how to install it. If you need further help, please visit support section.

Support Area

If you have any questions, please fill out our support form. Also, keep an eye out for our new instructional videos which are coming soon.
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