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"SourceGuardian is essential to my business. It enables my product to be flexible, and yet keep the intellectually important stuff safe. This is important for my school virtual learning environment product as schools are all different, wanting different things from their VLE. Our product gives them a framework of functionality (the SourceGuardian encrypted stuff), but allows them to customise the rest."
Alastair Barker - SWIGit Ltd.
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Using SourceGuardian protected files

Encoded scripts protected by SourceGuardian require installing loaders in order to run. You can find these loaders below for SourceGuardian 10. The same loaders can run files protected with SourceGuardian version 4.0 to 8.3.  

SourceGuardian loaders differ for OS, platform and version of PHP. We strongly recommend that you use our online SourceGuardian loader assistant to know the loader you need for your system and how to install it. You will need to enter a link to the phpinfo() page running on your server or paste its contents if your system is not online.

Manually download loaders for SourceGuardian 4.0 - 10 for PHP(PHP versions from 4.3.x PHP to 5.6.x are fully supported)
Loaders for SourceGuardian prior to 4.0 are available here.
To download any of our loaders, please accept the terms and conditions
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OS Zip Archive tar.gz Archivetar.bz2 Archive
Windows 32-bit (906 Kb) (909 Kb) (401 Kb)
Windows 32-bit VC6 (640 Kb) (642 Kb) (281 Kb)
Windows 64-bit (379 Kb) (380 Kb) (251 Kb)
Linux ARM (armel) (1099 Kb) (1080 Kb) (484 Kb)
Linux ARM (armhf) Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard, CubieBoard etc (332 Kb) (328 Kb) (208 Kb)
OpenBSD 5.5 32-bit (167 Kb) (167 Kb) (155 Kb)
OpenBSD 5.5 64-bit (171 Kb) (171 Kb) (159 Kb)
OpenBSD 5.1 32-bit (864 Kb) (846 Kb) (375 Kb)
OpenBSD 5.1 64-bit (905 Kb) (892 Kb) (404 Kb)
OpenBSD 5.0 32-bit (864 Kb) (846 Kb) (376 Kb)
OpenBSD 5.0 64-bit (905 Kb) (892 Kb) (404 Kb)
IBM PowerLinux 32-bit (831 Kb) (826 Kb) (356 Kb)
IBM PowerLinux 64-bit (876 Kb) (882 Kb) (404 Kb)
HP-UX Itanium 32-bit (2268 Kb) (2272 Kb) (1263 Kb)
HP-UX Itanium 64-bit (2323 Kb) (2328 Kb) (1271 Kb)

Loaders for all platforms (22127 Kb) (21961 Kb) (9502 Kb)
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